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Scott Pittman


Kristan Markham


Whether you need support physically, emotionally or spiritually… “there’s an oil for that

We’re just two regular guys and lifelong friends who, through the Sacred Soul Holistics brand with the help of expert consultants, aim to provide you with pure aromatherapy products that support your overall wellness – physically, mentally and spiritually. We want to ensure you’re better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of life so you can experience the benefits of a natural, holistic, healthy lifestyle. 

  • Quality assured products you can trust that are tested for purity with a 90 day no hassle guarantee (and that we use ourselves)


  • Educational content that’s accurate and without bias or corruption to help you learn and get the most out of your essential oil journey safely and effectively (reviewed by qualified experts)


  • A community where you are free to learn, make mistakes and ask questions without judgement (because we all need to support each other)


  • Aromatherapy for everyone – we welcome newbies and people who are ‘not really into this kind of thing but…’  (this used to be us) 🙂


“Trust, honesty, integrity and the purest of intent. Every time. Always.”