Through the Sacred Soul Holistics brand, we aim to help you and your family achieve a healthy mind, body and soul as you move through the journey of life.

We endeavor to create an educational resource without bias or corruption, totally transparent natural products of the highest quality and to build a community of like minded individuals who are just like us. We aim to do everything we can to help everyday people trying to live more naturally. People who are looking for answers buried in a sea of misinformation and who are trying their best to improve their overall wellness physically, nutritionally, mentally and spiritually through living a natural, holistic healthy lifestyle.

So here’s the truth.

We’re not holistic therapists, aromatherapists, natural health specialists, massage therapists, nutritionists or any other relevant qualified titles. We also don’t have years of personal experience to show off in any of these areas.

We’re just two regular guys and lifelong friends who accidentally developed a passion for natural living which led to a burning desire to provide clarity in a strange world of misleading information. 

After years spent watching people close to us suffer with the symptoms of various medical conditions and ailments, we were stunned by the positive effects on loved ones lives and well-being through the introduction of complementary therapies and natural alternatives to many of today’s toxin infested products. This was despite initial skepticism of any treatments that were outside of traditional medical practices and prescription drugs.

This experience sparked a period of intense research to obtain a much better understanding of how to improve your overall health and wellness physically, nutritionally, mentally and spiritually… and over and above simply exercising and making healthy food choices.

What we discovered left us astounded! There is a vast amount of research, documented use and user testimonials dating back hundreds of years right up to present day, where people passionately state how much their life has improved through natural living and the introduction of complementary and alternative therapies.

Armed with this newly found passion, knowledge and insight for this natural way of life, we knew then and there that we had to make some serious changes to our lives.

Now the problems started…

There are literally so many products and therapies for all areas of your life and health and every one of them claims to be super pure and natural that will do wonders for your health…

Then half the people claim certain benefits come from a particular ingredient then the other half claim they don’t and say it doesn’t work or claim totally different benefits… then someone launches what they claim to be a brand new ingredient or ‘discovery’… then we learn that some products marketed as natural and pure are actually full of chemicals, just with clever packaging and marketing and there’s just so much conflicting information and ‘fake news’ floating about you just don’t know where to turn or who or what to believe.

This really didn’t sit well with us. At all!

Why can’t we just find the information we need and be able to trust what we are told? Why does it seem like we are never told the full story? Why is trying to improve yours and your families lifestyle way harder than it should be? Are there really so many people, corporations and governments trying to pull the wool over your eyes? There seems like there’s a lot of low quality, misleading and chemical ridden products out there on our shelves and even many of the companies who produce really high quality products often aren’t doing enough nowadays to properly educate people. 

We feel that although more people nowadays are waking up to the benefits of natural living and alternative therapies, a lot more needs to be done and people need to come together to help share education, learn from each other and in doing so, spread the awareness of the amazing mind and body healing properties and overall wellness benefits that natural living and alternative therapies provide.

Knowing we couldn’t do this alone and given the fact we are still quite new to this world and have a lot to learn, we sought out experts in the industry with decades of experience to help us source and create our products and help in the educational content that we aim to produce. Our mission was now real and being supported by all the right people.

Welcome to the Sacred Soul Holistics Community. This journey is only just beginning and we hope you can join us in breaking through the smoke and mirrors to help reveal the true benefits of mother nature to the world.

If there’s one thing we can promise it’s that our intent and word is pure and this will transpire in any product or content that we create.

Trust, honesty, integrity and the purest of intent. Every time. Always.

Wishing you well in spirit and in health




Scott Pittman & Kristan Markham

Regular Guys. Co-Founders. Friends.

Kristan Markham


Scott Pittman