Become An Essential Oil Connoisseur With The Sacred Soul Aroma Wheel

Sacred Soul Aroma Wheel

When I first entered the exciting world of essential oils, one of the things that surprised me (and that I found equally fascinating and funny at the time!), was the way in which the aromas of the different essential oils are described. “Earthy, Exotic, Musky, Resinous, Rich, Sensual, Slightly Floral, Warm, Woody…“ It’s extremely difficult

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How To Find And Read Essential Oil Scientific Research Studies

beginner learning how to read an essential oil research study

If you are experienced in the topic of scientific research (or maybe even a researcher yourself), are extremely comfortable and familiar with finding and reading scientific research on essential oils, or you’re a highly educated academic in a relevant field, then you probably won’t get much value from this post. If however, you’re a seasoned

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The Ultimate Essential Oil Reference Guide For Beginners: 75+ Oils, Carriers, Diluting, Notes, Properties & More


Oils have been used for centuries to heal certain ailments, stimulate the senses, alter moods and emotions and help the body’s own natural healing processes. Whether you’re suffering from a specific health concern, are curious about the variety of wellness and skin care benefits offered by different essential oils, trying to live a more natural

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