Fantastic Collection Of Essential Oil Reference Charts (Free Download)

New to aromatherapy and essential oils?

Stop wasting hours of your precious time desperately searching the internet, trying to find the information you need and attempting to piece it all together.

Download these 9 tables and charts and have your very own quick and easy reference point that covers all the key information about the main essential oils.

Get The Essential Oil Reference Charts

(Instant Download)

Don’t waste any more time trawling the internet looking for the information you need.

The free chart pack includes:

  • Chemical constituent chart – gain a greater understanding as to what to look for on GC/MS reports and assessing the quality of the oil, by knowing the approximate chemical constituent ratio of each essential oil
  • Note chart – see at a glance all in one table, which essential oils have which perfumery note. This will help you choose the right oils to blend together to achieve the perfect aroma
  • Carriers & comedogenicity ratings chart – learn which carriers are the best to use that don’t clog your pores yet contain the vital fatty acids to nourish your skin.
  • Glossary of properties chart – you’ve heard and read all sorts of weird and wonderful words when it comes to the therapeutic properties of essential oils. This glossary chart means you never have to search for a meaning again.
  • Chemical families chart – quick access chart that shows the key features and safety considerations of the main essential oil chemical families
  • Dilution chart – how many drops of essential oil do you need to make a certain percentage solution? This table does the math for you from 0.03% to 5% and from 5ml to 100ml solutions
  • Emotions & nervous system chart – feeling sad, anxious, tired or one of the other many emotions we all go through every day? Simply refer to this chart and choose the right oil or blend for your needs
  • Safety charts – although you should check the safety precautions for the individual oil you plan to use, it saves time to also have a chart that highlights the main safety precautions for a wide range of essential oils including most hazardous, oils to avoid, irritant oils, oils to avoid with certain conditions, photo-sensitizing oils, max recommended dilutions and more… both these charts are included in your download!