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Essential Oil Learning Centre

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As we post more content to our blog over time, it will become harder and harder for you to find the information that’s important to you.

So we’ve created this resource page that will contain links to the main pieces of content across the site arranged in a category structure. Hopefully in organising the content this way, it will be easier for you to find the information you need quickly to improve your essential oil experience. 

So use this page as an aromatherapy and essential oil learning centre of sorts and please feel free to make suggestions if you would like to see us cover a topic of interest in the next content piece.



Start here

New to essential oils? Start here. This post has a huge list of essential oils with basic information about each one as well as information about notes, carrier oils, diluting, blending, a glossary of properties, chemical constituents and more.

The Ultimate Essential Oil Reference Guide For Beginners: 75+ Oils, Carriers, Diluting, Notes, Properties & More




Are you looking to dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil or create a blend? Maybe you have a blend and want to work out the percentage? This handy dilution calculator has you covered.

Essential Oil Dilution Calculator




Once you have the basics nailed down and are feeling more comfortable and informed about your EO journey, you want to start learning more about the chemistry of essential oils. This crash course in essential oil chemistry will teach you the basics to get you going in this more complex and advanced area of essential oils.

A Crash Course In Essential Oil Chemistry



Feeling ready to start reading scientific research about essential oils and aromatherapy? Great! Here’s how to find and extract value from scientific research.

How To Find And Read Essential Oil Scientific Research Studies



Using essential oils

Probably the most popular topic of essential oils. Learning about all the different ways to use essential oils in your everyday life. Learn about all the different uses for each individual essential oil… as well as the never ending combinations of blends!



Dream The Night Away: The Complete Guide To Using Essential Oils Before Going To Sleep


Personality and emotions

You might have heard people talk about essential oils like they were people. They are referring to the personality of the oil… yep, each oil has a personality with character traits and choosing oils this way can provide you with a different approach to choosing which oils to use and blend.

How To Choose Essential Oils To Match Your Personality And Emotions