The Essential Oil Blending Wheel Gives You The Information You Need At A Glance

Use the aroma wheel to:

  • Narrow down the oils that have the type of aroma you are looking for!
  • Identify oils that might be similar to your all time favourites!
  • Quickly see which oils have top, middle or base notes!
  • Select oils based on any combination of aroma family, energetic emotional effect and predominant chemical constituents!
  • Improve your blending!
  • Make choosing your next oil easy!
  • Know what oils you like? Use the wheel to find similar oils and try something new with confidence!
  • Arrange your personal collection of oils in a meaningful way!
  • Fast track you to essential oil connoisseur status!! :)

How The Sacred Soul Aroma Wheel Works

You might be aware of some essential oils and their associated fragrance family... but there's so many of them! Then factor in all the varying characteristic descriptions and then what about chemical families, emotional/energetic properties and the different notes of essential oils?

That's a LOT of information to keep track of and compare.

Which is why we've created the Sacred Soul essential oil aroma wheel!

Using the wheel gives you the information you need at a glance. The inner most ring being the main fragrance families and the second one being a characteristic to help you better choose an oil. The third ring is the emotional properties followed by the chemical families as the fifth and finally the essential oils themselves as the outer most ring with a letter in brackets representing the note.

Some quick blending tips based on aroma families


  • Oils in the same categories tend to blend well together
  • Floral oils = blend well with spicy, citrus and woody families
  • Spicy oils = blend well with citrus and floral families
  • Medicinal oils = blend well with herbaceous, citrus, earthy and woody families
  • Woody oils = generally blend well with most things
  • Blend oils with similar emotional properties... you probably don't want to blend calming and stimulating oils together!
  • Blending based on desired therapeutic effect might be your objective. Great! Narrow down oils that cater to your therapeutic need, then cross reference your list using the aroma wheel to help you identify which oils on your shortlist might work well together aromatically.

Note: The aroma descriptions, characteristics and to some degree the emotional effects shown in the Aroma Wheel can be somewhat subjective. This is because different people may interpret the aromas slightly differently. Essential oils also vary slightly from batch to batch and producer to producer, further adding variation to the aroma. We think this is simply one of the many things that make oils so fascinating! Just sharing this disclaimer here to avoid unnecessary debates over this topic.
You'll notice too, that an oil can sit across multiple families and characteristics!