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Sacred Soul Hopi Ear Candles – Scented With Filters & Protector Discs (3 Pairs)


Sacred Soul Hopi Ear Candles – Scented With Filters & Protector Discs (3 Pairs)

(3 customer reviews)
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  • Help to clear your mind!

  • Relax and unwind after a hard day’s work!

  • Trusted by many leading therapists and spas!

  • 12-15 minutes burn time!

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Ear candling being carried out on an attractive caucasian woman in a spa

Are you looking for a way to clear your mind in the evening after a hard day’s work?

Then consider this natural therapy a godsend!

Put on some quiet relaxing music and experience the deep holistic relaxation of the mind, body and soul as the crackling sounds, warming heat and pleasing vibrations of the candle combined with the sensual aromas, provide you with a feeling of wellness you’ll want to experience time and time again.

Ear candles have been successfully used by practitioners and therapists for decades. They provide an invigorating and relaxing holistic treatment that many users report, relieves pressure and leaves their mind feeling clean and clear.

The ancient holistic remedy of ear candling, has allegedly been used by indigenous cultures for hundreds of years as a means of effectively cleansing the ears, mind and soul.

Sacred Soul ear candles are trusted by therapists across the country

Sacred Soul’s ear candles come individually wrapped to maintain quality and longevity. Each ear candle is masterfully and carefully handmade by using only the best natural ingredients which are 100% cotton, coated with pure beeswax and aroma essences.

CE certified, you can be assured that every Sacred Soul ear candle complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

Every ear candle also provides the utmost protection as they each come with a safety circle marking for when to end the treatment session, protector discs and filters to prevent unwanted debris falling into the ear canal and instructions for a simple and safe application. You need someone with you to administer this therapy.

How do Sacred Soul ear candles work?

This simple and yet highly effective method uses a light under-pressure and the vibrational waves from the air inside the candle, caused by the movement of the flame above it to massage the ear canal which many people claim helps to gently loosen ear wax while relieving pressure and clearing the head and sinuses.

Through thermotherapy it stimulates the peripheral blood circulation and strengthens the cleansing circulation of the lymph glands. It provides a pleasant and painless way to relax and clear the mind.

You should feel relaxing warmth and a change in pressure within your ear, forehead and sinuses. Most report feeling a deep sense of well-being throughout this short process.

Despite the lack of scientific research, ear candling remains a popular treatment among therapists and users

Often condemned by modern medicine and with a lack of scientific research, ear candles struggle to prove their claim. There are however, thousands of testimonials from users claiming that ear candling helped them to clear their mind, relieve pressure and relax.

Feel the difference for yourself

Use ear candles to experience the astounding tranquility and stress reducing effects that this remarkable home remedy provides.

If you haven’t tried Sacred Soul ear candles — you simply haven’t experienced the feel-good cleansing of the mind, body and soul! Order now and feel the difference for yourself.

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3 reviews for Sacred Soul Hopi Ear Candles – Scented With Filters & Protector Discs (3 Pairs)

  1. Poppy

    These are fantastic. Very superior quality to what I have bought before.They have a lovely subtle smell but not like a heavy fragrant smell. The filters are of good quality and fit in the ears well as they are tapered good. They are a lot more comfortable than ones used before. When burning albeit the instructions say to regularly snip off the burnt parts, they tend to not flake and stay in one piece as if bound together which in my opinion makes them a lot safer from any debris falling. Would highly recommend.

  2. Afia Khan

    First time used it today and am very satisfied with the result, will definitely buy again. Good value for money three treatments.

  3. Beenish Miller

    Very pleased with my purchase, fast delivery & very good quality product. Would def buy again next time.

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