Blue Cypress Essential Oil - Sacred Soul Holistics
Blue Cypress Essential Oil - Sacred Soul Holistics
Blue Cypress Essential Oil - Sacred Soul Holistics
Blue Cypress Essential Oil - Sacred Soul Holistics
Blue Cypress Essential Oil - Sacred Soul Holistics
Blue Cypress Essential Oil - Sacred Soul Holistics
Blue Cypress Essential Oil - Sacred Soul Holistics

Blue Cypress Essential Oil

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Emotional And Energetic Properties Of Blue Cypress Essential Oil

Since Blue Cypress essential oil is a relatively newly discovered elixir, there is little written about its emotional and energetic properties.

It is however, grounding and extremely stabilising and this comes at least in part from the presence of the guaiazulene.

This beautiful blue chemical has a profound effect on irritation, both in the physical and emotional bodies (we see this also in Blue Chamomile).

Physically, use it to soothe your skin and emotionally we use it to release irritation.

So, if we are using Blue Cypress oil, we should ask ourselves where is this irritation coming from?

We all have times where people rub us up the wrong way, events rile us into a fury and we feel we’ve had about as much as we can take of the day.

If you can feel your teeth being set on edge, and your neck seizing up in annoyance, then Blue Cypress is a wonderful way to just to rise above it all.

We should also consider the energetic association with blue.

Blue, of course, is the colour of the throat chakra so we can think about all those things we wish we just hadn’t said.

If you are walking into a situation where you feel like you need to bite your tongue for the sake of the higher good, then Blue Cypress is an excellent essential oil to use.

Meditating with Blue Cypress oil helps us to centre and takes us further to the psycho spiritual connection.

The throat chakra of course is also about expression and creativity.

The high levels of sesquiterpenols clear out dusty thought processes and blow fresh air in the mind.

Brighter, more insightful, colourful and imaginative work comes from the spirit nourished by Blue Cypress.

Blue oils are particularly compassionate, gentle, and nurturing.

We see a greater connection to spirit and a higher source.

If ever a wood could harness the resonance of the Angels, then surely it must be the Blue Cypress.

Reasons To Use Blue Cypress Essential Oil

IMPORTANT - This is a very thick oil and you might need to warm the bottle in a bowl of warm water for a couple minutes before use. This reduces the thickness and helps to enable drops towarm blue cypress oil in a bowl of water before use flow from the bottle. Don't submerge the lid or seal in the water and even better, place bottle in a plastic sealed bag before placing in the water.

Uses For Blue Cypress Oil How To Use
  • Calming and balancing, Blue Cypress provides support in times of emotional distress1
  • Good to use when feeling:
    • Worried
    • Worked up
    • Grieving
    • Lost or disconnected from the spirit
  • Supports deeper meditation and helps to clear your mind, allowing you to better connect with the spirit and higher power
  • Diffuse
  • Inhale from the bottle, from a couple drops on a tissue or from a DIY inhaler.
  • Diluted with a carrier and added to the bath.
  • Soothe aching muscles and joints2
  • Dilute with a carrier and massage into the affected area.
  • Dilute with a carrier and add to a bath
  • To support skin healing23
  • Good for:
    • Bug bites
    • Itchy, red or blotchy skin
  • Dilute with a carrier and massage into the area of concern
  • Respiratory support
    • Especially in allergy season when the pollen count is irritating your sinuses, throat and lungs
    • Also in times when the respiratory system is irritated by colds and flu
      • Note: We're not saying it's a cure for these things, just that people enjoy breathing Blue Cypress when their respiratory system is irritated
  • Diffuse
  • Inhale from the bottle, from a couple drops on a tissue or from a DIY inhaler.
  • Add 5-10 drops of Blue Cypress essential oil to a bowl of hot water, place your face over the bowl (make sure it’s not too hot that it burns you) with a towel over your head, close your eyes and enjoy for about 10-15 minutes.
  • To boost your blends
    • The aroma of Blue Cypress essential oil is actually very light and gentle but acts as a fixative in nature. This means that it's true power is unlocked when blended with other essential oils rather than on its own.
    • Therapeutically, blend with other oils with the same desired property and Blue Cypress should work to increase the effectiveness and synergy
  • Try blending with floral or citrus oils for calming and balancing effects
  • Try blending with Eucalyptus or Rosemary for respiratory support
  • Try blending with Frankincense or Lavender for skin soothing

*refer to safety considerations in the attributes tab before use

Learn More About Blue Cypress Essential Oil

Native to Australia and growing in the Northern Territory, WA and North East Queensland, Blue Cypress is a medium to large tree, usually found in forest areas, although the oil is generally produced from plantation grown trees.

This is an extremely thick oil and the Aborigines use the gum of the tree as a glue to help with making tools and weapons in addition to therapeutic use.

There are a few stories about how Blue Cypress essential oil was first discovered. One version is when some forgotten trees near Darwin were chipped and people commented on how fragrant the air became and another version states that a wood chipper working with Blue Cypress experienced healing on his arms.

Either way, when the oil was first distilled in the 1990’s, a further surprise was to arise with the bright cobalt blue colour of the essential oil.

When the wood and bark are steam distilled, compounds react to form the bright blue component, guaiazulene (a cousin of chamazulene found in blue chamomile and yarrow essential oils). Blue Cypress is the only wood oil containing an azulene component (and therefore blue).

Chemical Composition

The below is an approximate composition of Blue Cypress essential oil:

Constituent Approx %





























Our Commitment To Quality

Every batch of blue cypress oil we receive is tested for purity and quality. Each batch of essential oil can differ, even from the same producer. Because essential oil is extracted from plants, it can be affected by many factors such as the weather, the seasons, and human error... a bit like fine wine.

This is why we carry out batch testing even if the batch is from the same supplier so we can guarantee consistent quality.

The farms we’ve chosen to work with consistently provide incredibly pure, high quality oils. We regularly review our producers with a stringent set of quality guidelines that we’ve developed in partnership with our industry experts and their 20+ years in the industry.

“Even an oil which is quite truthfully described as pure may be of poor quality, and therefore of less value therapeutically. IF AN ESSENTIAL OIL COSTS MUCH LESS THAN YOU WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT TO PAY FOR IT, the oil may well be a third or fourth distillate from a batch of plant material which has already yielded the greater part of its properties to the first or second distillation.”

About The Cultivation

Our mission is to provide you with the purest essential oils that contain the therapeutic properties you need to support yours and your family’s health.

Sometimes this means the oil is certified organic but acquiring an organic certification can be quite costly to farmers, which means many choose not to obtain it. Oils derived from plants that are organically grown or wildcrafted are still free from man-made chemicals despite not being certified. This means the oils can be of equal or better quality than comparable certified organic products and often at a lower price.

We also try our best to source single origin essential oils wherever possible.

How We Package Our Blue Cypress Oil

Our blue cypress oil is fresh off the still and comes in a 10ML blue glass bottle and is sealed to protect the precious oil within. The bottle also comes with an orifice reducer built in so you can dispense the oil one drop at a time.

During the shipping process, special canisters prolong and protect the quality of the oil from light and temperature during transit from around the globe and we ensure a quick turnaround time from producer to bottle, with minimal shelf time to maintain quality and purity.

We typically recommend storing your oil at or below room temperature in a cool dark place.

The Tests We Run On Our Oils To Ensure Quality

All of our oil is constantly tested for purity. The testing provides us with key data about what constituent compounds are in the oils and at what volumes.

Gas Chromatography (GC)

Gas Chromatography (GC) describes the analytical separation technique used to analyze volatile substances in the gas phase. In GC, the components of a sample are dissolved in a solvent and vaporized in order to separate the analytes by distributing the sample between two phases: a stationary phase and a mobile phase. GC provides us key data about what compounds are in oils and how much of each component is present.

Mass Spectrometry (MS)

Mass Spectrometry (MS) is an analytical chemistry technique that identifies the amount and type of individual molecules present in a sample by measuring the mass-to-charge ratio. A mass spectrometer has three essential functions: Ion source, Mass analyzer and the Detector. The Ion source is where the sample is ionized. Once the sample is ionized, the mass analyzer sorts and separates the ions according to the mass and charge. Once the ions are separated and sorted then the separation is measured in the detector where a results chart is displayed.

A personal message from our founders

Ultimately we believe that an oil, like the business that stands behind it, should be ethical and be exactly what it says on the tin. That’s why we only use the highest quality Blue Cypress, with the highest quality extraction methods, and shipped with the highest quality packaging.Kristan Markham Sacred Soul Holistics

It’s also why you won’t see us throwing around buzzwords that don’t mean anything, like “therapeutic grade” or “clinical grade.” When we describe our oils, we mean what we say.

We believe that the more you know about essential oils in general, the more likely you’ll want to become a part of the Sacred Soul community.

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with our oil, I want to personally invite you to email me and let me know. I’ll be happy to refund your money within the first 90 days of your purchase.

I’m betting my business on the fact that you’ll be blown away by the quality and aroma of our Blue Cypress essential oil.

Either way, thanks for stopping by our site and checking us out. We hope every interaction you have with us, in person, or online is positive and memorable. Feel free to drop us a note on our contact page if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback for us.


signatures of founders

Dilution Guide


This guide is a general overview for oils that don't have a more restricted dermal recommendation and are considered safe for topical use with adults age 16+. It also doesn't account for any specific medical issues, medication or skin conditions. You should check with a medical professional or aromatherapist before use. Below are not recommended dosages. Never apply undiluted to the skin.

ALWAYS check the max dermal use for the individual oil/s or blend you plan to use. You should also consider your medical and skin conditions and take the advice of a qualified professional. Serious negative effects such as skin sensitization, irritation, burns and other issues could occur from misusing essential oils and products containing essential oils.

Patch test: For first time use, place a drop of diluted essential oil on a small area of skin such as the inside elbow. After application, be aware of adverse reactions for the first 24-48 hours.


General Use

See below for approximate dilution ratios and usage guidelines. These are NOT recommended dosages and you should always consult with a medical professional or qualified aromatherapist before use.

Always start with a low dilution.

  • 0.5% - 1% = facial, long term daily use or full body application
  • 2% = generally good for regular use
  • 3% = for specific localised concerns
  • 5% = short term specific concerns (max 2 weeks)
  • 10% = acute specific concerns

When measuring in 'drops', just be aware that the only way for true accuracy is to measure your drops using a digital scale because different oils can amount to a slightly different number of drops per ml. The orifice reducer in the bottle is also not a standard size so could differ between brands, which could affect the size of ‘a drop’ and therefore your dilution %. This table is intended as an approximate guide only.

*30ml is 1 ounce

Dilution % 5ml (1tsp carrier oil) 10ml (2tsp carrier oil) 15ml (3tsp carrier oil) 30ml (6 tsp carrier oil)


<1 drop

1 drop

2 drops

4 drops


1 drop

3 drops

4 drops

9 drops


3 drops

6 drops

9 drops

18 drops


4 drops

9 drops

13 drops

27 drops


7 drops

15 drops

22 drops

45 drops


14 drops

30 drops

44 drops

90 drops

Can it be used internally?

As a brand, we have taken the position that essential oils are for external use only and should not be taken internally. We therefore will never state that any essential oil is food grade as this indicates that it is fit for human consumption.

Can it be used in a diffuser/oil burner?

Yes it can! :)

Can you use direct on the skin?

No we never recommend that any essential oil is used direct on the skin. Always dilute with a carrier, even when using in the bath.

Is it antibacterial (or any other medicinal property)?

Due to legal restrictions, we are not allowed to make any medicinal claims about essential oils and their properties, even if there is scientific evidence that supports the claim.

Is it certified organic?

In the additional details section on the product page, you will see the cultivation listed in the attributes. It will state ‘certified organic’ and the program under which certification was obtained if the oil is certified organic.

Sometimes an oil will be derived from plants that have been organically grown but the producer doesn’t have organic certification (organic certification comes with a price that many producers choose not to obtain). This doesn’t mean the oil is of a lower quality and in fact the opposite can be true. The cultivation will state ‘organically grown’ if this is the case.

Wild-crafted/wild-harvested means that the plants have been harvested from the wild rather than a plantation.

Is it therapeutic grade?

Therapeutic grade is a term created to assist with marketing. There isn’t an official industry standard for therapeutic grade so we refuse to use this term.

Can it be used for massage?

Yes it can but always diluted with a carrier.


  1. Webb M. Australian essential oil profile - blue cypress. Aromatherapy Today, 2001; 19: 37-39
  2. Doimo L. Azulenes, costols and gamma-lactones from cypress-pines distilled oils and methanol extracts. Journal of Essential Oil Research, 2001; 13(1): 25-29
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Sacred Soul Holistics



Botanical Name

Callitris intratropica

Plant Family


Plant Part


Country Of Origin


Extraction Method

Steam Distilled


Single Origin, Wild Harvested


Rich, Smokey, Woody






Clear to cobolt blue

Chemical Family


Approx Shelf Life

8 years


Calming and grounding, Blue Cypress provides much needed support in times of emotional distress.


1st – Root, 5th – Throat

Mind & Emotions

Grounding & Balancing

Blends With

Floral, citrus and green oils such as Firs, Pines, Juniper and Spruce. Clinical notes such as Eucalyptus and Lemon, as well as floral heart notes such as Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Patchouli and spices like Cardamom. One tends not to need to use a base note with Blue Cypress as it provides substance and fixative to a blend, however sedative woods such as Sandalwood and Cedarwood are obvious choices.

GC/MS Testing

Batch Number: 18801

Blue Cypress GCMS


The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by medical practitioners. Neither Sacred Soul Holistics nor its products are intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using these products.


Store in a cool, dark place away from heat and light and out of the reach of children. For external use only. Do not use undiluted on the skin (or in the bath). Conduct a patch test before topical use. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.

Avoid during pregnancy and lactation as B-eudesmol may be fetotoxic. Also caution with low blood pressure and drugs metabolised by CYP2D6


Bath, Compress, Diffuse, Inhale, Massage, Topical


Move Yourself Room Spray:
Since essential oils do not mix with water, we use vodka to disperse them.

  • 4 fl oz distilled water
  • One teaspoon vodka
  • 6 drops Blue cypress essential oil (Callitris intratropica)
  • 3 drops Bergamot essential oil (Citrus bergamia)
  • 1 drop Sandalwood essential oil (Santalum album)

Method of Preparation: Fill a spray bottle with water. Mix the essential oils into the vodka then add to the water.


Just Let it Go Bath Blend:

  • 4 oz sea salt
  • 6 drops Blue Cypress essential oil (Callitris intratropica)
  • 3 drops Mandarin essential oil (Citrus reticulata)
  • 3 drops Rose essential oil (Rosa damascena)

Method of use: Combine the salt and oils and store in a glass jar. Use one tablespoon of salts for each bath.

Dilution Guide

Dilution rates of essential oils are generally at a rate of 1%, 2% or 3% ratio of essential oil to carrier. For facial use it's usually max 0.5%. Some essential oils are even less than this or not to be used topically at all so check the safety of the individual oil before use.